Hello and welcome to an exciting new location for breeders of like minds to gather, share and learn from one another. If you are like me, you felt a calling to venture into this exciting world of dog breeding. You answered the call to quickly realize…it’s not what you thought it would be. Perhaps you are a novice to the idea of breeding, researching how, where and when to begin. There is a huge gap between novice and expert. Litters benefit from knowledge being passed down by amazing programs developed after years of research from advanced breeders. This site’s focus and purpose is to empower the breeding community, advance programs that are struggling, excite buyers to confidently buy into your authentic footprint on the puppy marketplace and finally, to ensure a higher success rate and more positive outcomes for breeders.

At the forefront of our industry is change and it’s immeasurably rapid! Thus, creating a real demand to validate hard working breeders. We need the emergence of a reliable and sustainable hub that enables us to build strong business relations with responsible buyers and with product manufacturers. There is a growing need to equip breeders of all experience levels by hosting mentoring workshops, utilizing proven methods, and more importantly, vet great breeding programs by showcasing and highlighting a breeder when they go above and beyond to do it “right”. We are not here to reinvent the wheel of reputable puppy rearing and breeding resources but rather to give a voice to the puppies being raised by phenomenal breeders and give credit to the breeding programs responsible. We are here to build a community of resources for breeders, highlighting steps of how and where to begin as well as advancing one’s breeding practices to incorporate accreditation, leadership, and mentoring to others. Additionally, we want to empower strong pack leaders to help them create industry standards, raising the bar of ethics within the profession, authenticate research, best practices, and exciting new theories.

Our mission is to empower breeders who are responsible, fill in the knowledge gaps of those who are just beginning to venture into the community, to be a positive resource of validation to programs running successfully, and to accredit one another in this often scrutinized and under-appreciated business. We invite you to join us on our journey to advocate the use of affiliate marketing to produce income opportunities for families dedicating time, energy, and effort into raising puppies.

Each breeding program is unique, it has its own paw print that it is leaving on the world. With that said, we want each program to be authentic, unique and excel in its own mission, vision, and values. Our vision is a stronger, more united K9 community as well as to value one another, your experience, your program, and your puppies. We extend our support and commitment to you as you endeavor to meet your program goals and take your dream of breeding to the next level.

Welcome aboard, let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!