Michelle Crawford

Breeder Resources would like to introduce Michelle Crawford owner of Peppers Ferry Pups. Michelle Crawford, a registered nurse and experienced dog breeder from the Appalachian mountains of Virginia. I am a second generational breeder with AKC and CKC registrations. I have furthered my breeding knowledge by extensive reading and research.
My endeavors to raise sound exceptional dogs has expanded my K9 knowledge to include completion of recognized curriculums as well as obtaining certificates on pet care , grooming, and dog training. I have a deeply rooted passion and calling for breeding as well as helping others. I am committed to building a reliable resource hub available for fellow breeders like myself.
MIchelle will be an asset to the Breeder Reaource team. More to come soon…


We would like to introduce Lisa Wayment with Wayment Logos & Web Design. She will be designing and managing the social media aspects of the Dog Breeder Resource Brand. Lisa has been working with breeders for the last 2.5 years getting them online and helping with branding. She loves working with breeders and is so excited for the opportunity to share information and build a place where all resource information can be stored online for breeders.