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Nutrition is a key factor to building a reputable program. Your puppies are built from mom’s diet. Cell by cell, a developing puppy depends on mom to have the right nutritional balance during every phase of pregnancy. We can give that support to moms proactively thus preparing her body for such a rewarding workload. Quality puppy milk is made by healthy moms.


TLC Whole Life Natural Dog Food provides holistic and biologically beneficial lifelong nutrition to help your dog thrive. Our formula delivers the ultimate balance of quality meats, animal fats, vitamins and minerals to mirror your dog’s natural diet.

Each ingredient in TLC Whole Life is carefully selected for its nutritional and health benefits. Our animal and plant ingredients are never frozen and arrive fresh daily from local farms and oceans.

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PawTree food is made in the U.S.A. and is made with real meat or fish as the first ingredient, it is natural, wholesome, and holistic!  In addition, it has no artificial colors, preservatives, poultry by-products, corn, wheat, or soy. Because PawTree is a quality food, dogs don’t eat as much AND we have less waste!
A good quality food like PawTree ends up being more economical than cheaper foods because you feed less and give your dog better health, which translates to fewer vet bills.
Top 4 pawTree Products that changed my breeding program: Dog Food, Gastro Pro Plus, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil & pawTreats Robin Thomas, 8 Year Breeder, 2 year pawTree Independent petPro
“Puppies wean very well to pawTree dog food, poop volume is ” much smaller than any other commercial food I have ever fed and odor is much less offensive.”
Ji Khalsa, 25+ year breeder, 18 month pawTree Independent petPro
As pet owners ourselves, we feel happy and safe feeding PawTree and have become a representative so that we are able to provide to our doodlebug families the same food their puppy was weaned to.”




 “We have researched and found what we think is the best food option for our puppies. They are currently eating NATURES SELECT HIGH PROTEIN three times per day in mush form. When they come home they will be eating kibble and will come home with a 5lb bag. We suggest you order a large bag to have on hand of the SELECT HIGH PROTEIN. Once you us the 30lb bag we suggest you move to one of the other all life stages recipes and the wonderful thing about Natures Select is they are nutritionist and will work with you to choose the correct food. The food is reasonably priced and has FREE DELIVERY. Below is some general information about the food. We suggest you do NOT feed grain free unless your vet recommends it.”

Misty Green, Owner of Life is Better with Doodles,

Nature’s Select Pet Food has been in business for 27 years. Their pet food plant is AAFCO certified and ranked among the highest in the industry. We were all natural, holistic dog food before it was “cool”! Our dog food is MADE IN TEXAS! Our food is made and delivered to our air conditioned warehouse monthly so it is some of the freshest pet food available. 80% of the ingredients in our pet food recipes comes from 100 miles of the plant, the fish comes from Alaska and the lamb comes from New Zealand. Our pet food recipes are FDA certified. You can mix or switch between our pet food recipes. We offer pet food recipes are for all life stages, so you can feed your pet our food from puppyhood through his/her senior days. Our food has pre-biotics and pro-biotics which are added after the flash cook, thus are live cultures.” Click on the product for purchase.


Nuvet Labs

“Your Pet’s Best Friend”

Many pet foods are processed at high temperatures, reducing the nutritional value of even the best brands. Supplementing your puppy with NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus ensures you receive the highest quality of life possible.


NuVet is a great program for your dogs and your past, present and future clients. Let us help you get in contact with your NuVet representatives to how it can help your dogs and your program. 

Try Nuvet!

Don’t take my word for it. Try out NuVet and see the difference!



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