Finding the Right Breeding Program

From mentors to programs it’s hard to know what program will be the best fit for you. Here are some of the amazing programs we have found and recommend looking into. 

Breeding Programs

Breeders Bootcamp

Breeders Bootcamp is gaining recognition as a global benchmark for breeder education and offers a modern approach to online learning. It features an adaptive curriculum that grows and evolves as participants engage and ask questions.

With over two decades of experience in breeding, AKC breeder Stephanie Major translates her extensive knowledge into professionally crafted, scientifically grounded video-based courses. Stephanie recognizes the importance of combining breeder experience with the medical perspective of a veterinarian, and is honored to have the endorsement of veterinary professionals along with featuring courses that include veterinarian instruction.   

What they Offer

The Breeders Bootcamp library features video-based courses on Labor & Delivery (Confirming Pregnancy through Delivery), Master Class (Newborn through Nine Weeks), Master Class Community, New Puppy Transition (Preparing Families for Gotcha Day) and Congenital Metatarsal Hyperextension (Personal Experience with CMH). Connect with Breeders around the world, find support and get answers to your questions.

Enjoy unlimited lifetime access to your course library, featuring instructional videos, meticulously designed to walk you through every stage of the process. The content is tailored to support both experienced breeders and newcomers alike, providing the tools necessary for a successful breeding experience.

Education is ongoing, As Breeders ask questions, the information is added to these amazing programs.

Special Breeder Resource Offer

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Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture represents a gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialization.

We’ve done the research for you and distilled down a hundred years of combined experience into easy to follow protocols. You’ll receive week-by-week and step-by-step instructions, proven by science and experience to ensure the best outcomes for your puppies.

You have more power than you think.

Breeders have more opportunity to make a dramatic impact on a puppy’s ultimate personality than anyone else ever will. By the time the puppy goes to his new home, much of that opportunity has already been lost. Puppy Culture shows you what you need to do, when, in order to take advantage of your power as a breeder.

Bad Ass Breeders

The Badass Guide to Breeding is the definitive playbook for any dog breeder who desires to make their program world class.  This guide is a step-by-step approach that will revolutionize your program and guide you to raise the type of puppies that will have clients and trainers flocking.  If you ever wished to have one of the most experienced trainer/breeders mentor you, leading you day-by-day as you breed and raise pups, this guide is your answer.

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